Rescue and Surviability Equipment

Rescue and Survivability Equipment (textile products)

Magam manufacture all kind of parachutes, G-suits and all kind of life vest.
Driven by true daily combat needs, Magma’s rescue and survivability equipment based on research and development processes done in cooperation with the Israel Defense Force (IDF).
Magam’s products can also be tailor made to meet the various customer’s requirements, which are equivalent to the standards of world leading manufacturers.
Having direct contact with active combat soldiers and pilots who provide Magam with firsthand information of what needed in the field, gives Magam a clear advantage. This, coupled with extensive acquisition of knowledge, technology and equipment, and allows Magam to produce rescue and survivability equipment that is relevant, precise and of the highest standards.
Parachute manufacturing must adhere to the strictest specifications, arrived at after years of meticulous research and development, which only very few companies and organizations can withstand. These standards are even tougher when it comes to making the slightest changes to the design of any part of the parachute.
Life vest-
In line with Magam’s dedication to comfort and smart human engineering, our life vests ergonomically designed and placed around the neck (much like a neck pillow) providing simpler, therefore safer and more comfortable use. This innovative design has replaced the more traditional life vests that pulled down over the head.
G- suit-
In collaboration with the IAF, Magam has developed a G-Suit based on knowledge acquired from world leading manufacturers in the US and France, as well as relevant field experience by IAF combat pilots. An inflatable inner bladder are made of neoprene –proofing nylon cloth, protects the abdomen, thighs, and calves.
A replaceable bladder attached with six push button. Spare bladder can be order separately with three sizes covering the fitting range of all six suits sizes.