Inflatable products

Inflatable products for a variety applications

Magam’s inflatable products are top quality rubber, which allows them a longer life span and making them easy to fix using simple to apply patches.

Magam’s precise material engineering enabled the perfect combination of materials, supporting and enhancing the inflatable full range of features; making them safer, more durable and even more suitable for their common safety and rescue functionality.
Magam’s inflatable boats ideal for military and civil safety & rescue vessels amongst other common uses.
Magam developed and manufactured rafts suitable for other aircrafts as well as Marine life rafts, including models for yachts, merchant vessels, passenger liners and cruise ships.
Magam manufactures different types of life rafts for aerial and maritime use (RBA/RMA) and available in sizes from 1 person up to 26 persons according to the SOLAS requirement.
Magam developed a full operational, minimally sized life raft that perfectly tailored to the small space available in the helicopter, resulting in one of the world’s most compact solutions.
Magam manufacture all kind of inflatable life jacket
Magam designed cooperation with the Israeli’s Navy the twin chamber life jacket for constant wear by personal working under emergency conditions or in danger of falling overboard.
The twin chamber life jacket is made of two ply butyl rubber coated nylon it consists on an inflatable stole, divided into two total independent buoyancy chambers.