Israel’s leading manufacturer of protective, rescue and survivability equipment.

Flexible fuel cells, or bladder cells (tanks) , are used in modern military applications for liquid storage and transportation as a more effective and safe means of fuel containment. Their most popular use, , is in military aircraft and in armored fighting vehicles (AFVs).

Magam Safety inflatable division, designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of rescue, survivability and protective equipment for over 80years.
Life raft, professional inflatable boats and inflatable twin-chamber life jacket.

Magam manufacture all kind of parachutes, G-suits and all kind of life vest.
Driven by true daily combat needs, Magma’s rescue and survivability equipment based on research and development processes done in cooperation with the Israel Defense Force (IDF).

About Us

Established in 1934 by Frantz Levy, Magam began its journey as a rubber and safety equipment factory – among the first company’s in its field to be established in Israel.
80 years later, Magam Safety Ltd. has grown to be Israel’s leading manufacturer of protective, rescue and survivability equipment.
Offering a complete package, including R&D, design, manufacture and marketing, Magam Safety Ltd. is a one-stop-shop providing both off the shelf and tailored solutions that include a comprehensive development process.
Working together under one roof, Magam’s interdisciplinary team of textile, rubber and personal protection experts, experienced engineers and product designers, create innovative smart solutions as well as upgrade existing designs of safety equipment.
Working closely with the Israel Defense Force (IDF), Magam’s team gain a clear understanding and insight of the requirements of the Future Soldier, producing products that solve the challenges of weight and comfort while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Magam’s vision was to take its knowledge and expertise in rubber, textile and materials and leverage it to develop innovative new solutions for the defense industry. Over the years these developments have become Magam’s flagship product is self-sealing protection solutions .
Magam took a leap forward and grew to become a leader in the Israeli defense market.

Why Choose Us?

1.Quality above all

Magam Safety complies with strict quality control procedures according to international standards, from performing acceptance tests of raw materials til full scale inspection of the finalized product.

2.Respond to customer's requirements.

Magam products are considered to be the most durable, reliable and cost-effective products in the service of military and civil customers worldwide.

3. Off the shelf and Tailor-made products.

Magam’s team of professional engineers and product designers are known for their innovative, out-of-the-box thinking.

4. Wide range of products that provides various solutions.

Ready to take on any challenge; smart human engineering and attention to detail together with uncompromised quality and the strictest adherence to plans, standards and regulations are what make Magam’s rescue and survivability equipment the product of choice